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Kitchen Design Ideas…

Everyone wants to have an amazing interior design for their home. The rooms including the kitchen need to have a good interior design. As most of us all make a small and less space for the kitchen, the proper interior design is must for it. With the proper use of lighting, colors, designs and appliances we can make our small kitchen comfortable and beautiful. To make our small kitchen look beautiful, we need to consider three things; storage, lighting and appliances.

 The kitchen room can be given different shapes and make the best use of the space. Here we present popular major shapes and styles for the kitchen room.

 1. L-Shaped Kitchen:

L-Shaped kitchen is one of the popular styles in Nepali kitchen. It provides an open space to work and a storage area for a small kitchen with flexible budgeting.

 2. U-Shaped Kitchen:

U-Shaped kitchen is also one of the popular styles in Nepali kitchen and abroad. The style will cover three corners of the wall in the room. This shape of style is also called C-Shaped sometimes. U-Shaped style is very convenient if the kitchen area is small.

 3. Straight Kitchen:

Straight kitchen style is ideal for a small house. This style will cover the single wall in the room, where the storage, cooking and washing are designed in the same wall.

 4. Galley Kitchen:

The galley kitchen style is a parallel or elongated counter at the kitchen. This design is a great idea for the small area kitchen as it saves space. Also we must have knowledge about the distance between the two parallel counters.

 5.The Island Kitchen:

The Island kitchen design has become popular in the modern house maker. It is a freestanding cabinet to the interior design and a complementary to the kitchen. This style looks great when the kitchen area is large and has free space.